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Warwickshire County Council made a Temporary Traffic Order closing C46 Spernal Lane, Spernal at Spernal Bridge to vehicular traffic.

The closure was required to safely facilitate bridge maintenance work.

The Order commenced on 1 February 2015 for a period of 18 months, or until the works were completed, whichever was the earlier. The works, due to commence on 1 February as advertised in the Redditch & Alcester Standard week ending 16 January 2015, were unavoidably deferred but have now been rescheduled to commence 2 March 2015 with anticipation of completion by 27 March 2015.

Pedestrian access to and egress from properties and land situated adjacent to the length of road to be closed will be maintained at all times. Vehicular access will be maintained where possible.

An alternative route will be signed and is available via: School Road, Captains Hill, Kinwarton Road, Kinwarton Farm Road, Arden Road, Birmingham Road, Bridgetown Road, Haydon Way (and in reverse order).

The Contractor dealing with this matter is Eddie Chapman for Balfour Beatty (Tel: 07837 319237).

*Great Alne Phone Box
*Phone Box on School Road

The County Council regrets any inconvenience that may be caused. The person dealing with this matter at Warwickshire County Council is Steve Brent, Warwickshire Bridges (Tel: 01926 412515).

Information can also be found on the village noticeboards.


Jim Bacon, Chairman of the Studley Neighbourhood Watch group and Chair of Stratford District Neighbourhood Watch attended the March meeting and spoke about the work of the Neighbourhood Watch (NW) scheme. NW groups try to raise awareness about crime- what can happen and what can be done about it. For example, tamper proof number plate screws are available free of charge from the Police. It is intended that the Alcester model of communication, weekly reports and a monthly summary of incidents and advice by email, will be rolled out across the district. Current topical crimes are distraction burglaries- often in supermarket car parks and domestic fuel tank/oil thefts.

If you would be interested in rekindling the Neighbourhood Watch group in Great Alne then please get in touch with the Parish Clerk.


Great Alne has a Film Club with screenings usually on the third Thursday of the month at 7.30pm.

For other information about what's going on at the Memorial Hall please click here for further details.


    • Lee Broadhurst is the newly appointed Senior Site Manager
    • Work is progressing well
    • Ground preparation exercise to initial phase of the development continues and vegetation strip works have been undertaken

    It is anticipated that the following works will take place over the next two months:

    • Construction of the access road approaching from the eastern entrance
    • Ground levelling exercise (cut/fill) to the remainder of the site
    • Construction of the village shop (which will be available to the village with access via Park Lane)
    • Relocation of the site accommodation and compound
    • Construction of plots 1-19 (luxury cottages)


With regard to the land behind School Road and the school, Andrew Wilkins of Lone Star Land, representing landowners David & Esther Kinnersley, has provided reassurances to the Parish Council. He said “Please be assured that we are not developers but are landowners and their representatives who fully and whole heartedly support a consultative and collaborative process with a view to ensuring that any potential development is appropriate for Great Alne. Due to the land's Green Belt status, Planning Policies are in place to protect the land that has this designation and nothing will happen to the land in the short-term. To date we have demonstrated and committed to a very open dialogue and anticipate holding an exhibition for the whole village to attend in the first quarter of 2015. Please be assured that nothing is being finalised or committed to. We will maintain a transparent dialogue with all parties concerned".


Stratford District Council's Policy Team now accepts that Maudslay Park is an integral part of the settlement of Great Alne, providing a sustainable part of the infrastructure of the village in the form of a shop, medical centre and recreational facilities.

The Policy Team is now of the view that Maudslay Park will be counted as Great Alne's housing requirement for the purpose of the Core Strategy.


Mr Neil Gilliver, Warwickshire & Northants Rural Housing Association attended the November Parish Council meeting and recapped on the situation in Great Alne with respect to the local need for affordable housing. The February 2014 Local Market Housing Needs Survey identified a need for 10 local market homes in addition to the 7 affordable homes previously identified in the May 2010 Survey. A total of 17 homes is thus required which would count towards the housing requirement quota for Great Alne.

Mr Gilliver works in association with Linfoot Country Homes to deliver rural housing developments for local people across Warwickshire. He approached them to establish indicative land values for the two potential sites for affordable homes which have been identified in the village. The Barnsdale Family Trust own site 2 (1.15h) adjacent to the Rectory, Spernal Lane and they have indicated a willingness to sell. Site 1 is owned by the Coventry Diocese and there has been no commitment with respect to any land sale.

Mr Ken Linfoot and his daughter Claire, representing Linfoot Country Homes, were also present at the meeting and Claire presented a helpful indicative layout of a potential development at Spernal Lane. The proposed design has been referenced to fit in with the existing environment. It is an integrated scheme and the building line would match Nightingale Close. A large amenity space with dense planting would form a buffer between Nightingale Close, The Rectory and any potential new development.

Mr Gilliver has indicated that the RHA would be in a position to deliver the homes quite quickly as they have funding available which must be spent by December 2017. Justification for the planning application has been evidenced by the Housing Needs Surveys. Support would be sought from planners and County Highways alongside a public consultation. District and County Councillor Mike Gittus and the Parish Council would both support the principle of a small development of mixed tenure homes as the 2009 Parish Plan had previously identified an acceptable number of new homes in a development of no more than twenty.


The Parish Council approved a small budget to assist with an action plan to improve the condition of this E-road. A barrier has been erected approximately 1m from the edge of the green lane and close to the scrub on the left hand side from Coughton Fields Lane up to the open field. Thick posts/tree trunks have been set into the ground by digging holes and using a post rammer. Materials were provided by Heart of England Forest Ltd. Very sadly and frustratingly three of the posts have already been uprooted.


Stratford District Council have now added the following items to their kerbside recycling collection service:

  • Small household electrical and electronic equipment eg kettles, calculators, mobile phones & chargers, cameras, clocks
  • Textiles eg clothes, sheets, curtains, towels
  • Household batteries

All items must fit into a carrier bag- simply put the items in separate carrier bags, tie them up and place them alongside (not in) either bin on any normal collection day.

For more information please contact 01789 260616 or visit


With the coldest months just around the corner now is the time to think about topping up your oil tank.

Prices dropped over the summer months and into the Autumn and early December saw the cheapest oil price in four years. Energy Warwickshire (EW) members paid just 42.94 pence per litre in December, saving £54 per 1000 litres against the average market price. As a charity that works solely for the benefit of rural communities Energy Warwickshire are delighted with these results. How did your supplier compare?

If you are reliant on heating oil and would like to join EW members in making savings have a look at their dedicated website, or contact them on 01789 842182. The syndicate is open to households, community groups and businesses across Warwickshire and Solihull.

Email: or call Sarah Brooke-Taylor on 01789 842182.


As regular followers of the project will know, CSW Broadband is currently out to tender for additional coverage and anticipate contract signing by the end of January. The second contract will run alongside the current contract that ends in March 2016 and will then continue to the end of 2017.

There is an interesting funding mix:

  • £3.68m from BDUK (who later offered an additional £6m, provided the match can be found)
  • £3.68m from Warwickshire County Council
  • £380,000 from Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (matched by a similar amount to be taken from the £6m additional BDUK money)

CSW Broadband are therefore out to tender for an initial sum of £8.12m. Once the contract is signed the project can start to map the coverage under the second contract, and this will appear as additional Phases on the map, alongside the coverage for the first contract – so there will be lots of different colours! The coverage under the second contract can ONLY be used in areas that the commercial rollout and the current contract won't reach – so areas that are currently showing as white on the map could potentially be brought into the second contract.

There is still £5.62m available from BDUK that requires match funding. Additional funding is being sought from project partners and other sources, and this can be introduced to the project through change control (which has been allowed for under the tendering process). The advantage of this approach is that if the Borough and District partners have areas that they consider to be of high importance, then they can prioritise the coverage – although, as always, there will be cost/benefit considerations as some areas may require costly re-engineering of the copper network.

CSW Broadband have gone to tender under the BDUK framework. The benefit of this is that it saves going through a full EU tendering process which, in turn, reduces cost and takes far less time. At the present time, the only provider on the BDUK framework contract is BT.

The ultimate aim of the project is to achieve the 2020 EU targets with each property receiving a minimum of 30Mbps (which is higher than the current highest target), and funding is actively being sought to help achieve that.

For more info see


Please let the Parish Council know of any local issue that is causing you concern. You can use the Contact Us form in the Information section of this website, or ring the Parish Clerk on 07833 790375 or alternatively email

If you have something you would like to report to Stratford District Council you can do this using their on-line forms. Anything from abandoned vehicles, unruly dogs to fly tipping can be reported, just click on the link on the right of this page (External Links).


Each month a Community Newsletter is produced by the Alcester South Safer Neighbourhood Team that includes details of crime in the area (including Great Alne) and an incident overview. Please see the website for further details and a contact list for the team.


The District Council's Community Links transport service has now become U-Bus- a unique community transport scheme designed for residents who live within the Stratford on Avon District. Look out for the orange vehicles in your area.

The new bus service runs from 9.30am-2pm Monday to Friday. It is free to register with UBUS irrespective of your age or status. You can book a UBUS journey by calling the friendly team on 01789 264491 quoting your membership number and journey details.

Please note that the service West of Stratford ie the Alcester area does not run on a Thursday. Costs are £2.50single and £5 return.


The Community Forums are an advisory body, which act as a key vehicle for the community engagement within the locality. Members of the public can raise issues of concern and wherever possible, together with relevant agencies, solutions to those concerns can be worked out. The date of the next forum meeting will be advertised here when available.

If you would like to suggest an issue for a future Community Forum meeting, or get involved, please contact Warwickshire County Council Stratford Area Office on 01789 290784 or email:


Regularly the Parish Council endevours to compile a newsletter containing relevant and up to date information about events and issues within the parish. It is the intention of the Parish Council that every home within the parish boundary receives a copy of this newsletter, however, things can go wrong and if you have not been receiving your newsletter then please let us know, or download a copy from the list on the right hand side of the page. If you would like to receive the newsletter by email then please let us know by contacting

If you wish to suggest material to be included in the newsletter then please feel free to contact the Clerk, or make your suggestion known at the next Parish Council meeting - a full list of meeting dates can be found on the home page.

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