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We are delighted to welcome Mrs Louise Bennett of 6 Nightingale Close to the Parish Council. Louise was co-opted at the meeting on Monday 14 July.


Warwickshire County Council hereby proposes to make a Temporary Traffic Order closing B4089 Village Road, Great Alne, from the junction of Spernal Lane to the junction of Pelham Lane, to vehicular traffic.

The closure is required to facilitate the renewal and repair of a drainage system.

The Order will commence on 11 August 2014and will last for a period of 18 months, or until the works are completed, whichever is the earlier. However, it is anticipated that the works will be completed by 15 August 2014.

Pedestrian access to and egress from properties and land situated adjacent to the length of road to be closed will be maintained at all times. Vehicular access will be maintained where possible.

An alternative route will be signed and is available via: Henley Road, Alcester Road, Wootton Rise, Alcester Road, Stratford Road, New Road, Henley Road, Oldberrow Lane, Oldberrow Road, Redditch Road, Henley Road, Birmingham Road, Alcester Road, Haydon Way, Coughton Hill, Birmingham Road, Arden Road, Kinwarton Farm Road, Kinwarton Road, Captains Hill, School Road (and in reverse order) .

The Contractor dealing with this matter is Adrian Gill for Balfour Beatty (Tel: 07837 319212).

The County Council regrets any inconvenience that may be caused. The person dealing with this matter at Warwickshire County Council is Benjamin Hill,County Highways (Tel: 01926 412515).

Information can also be found along with a map showing the alternative route on the village noticeboards.


Jim Bacon, Chairman of the Studley Neighbourhood Watch group and Chair of Stratford District Neighbourhood Watch attended the March meeting and spoke about the work of the Neighbourhood Watch (NW) scheme. NW groups try to raise awareness about crime- what can happen and what can be done about it. For example, tamper proof number plate screws are available free of charge from the Police. It is intended that the Alcester model of communication, weekly reports and a monthly summary of incidents and advice by email, will be rolled out across the district. Current topical crimes are distraction burglaries- often in supermarket car parks and domestic fuel tank/oil thefts.

*Great Alne Phone Box
*Phone Box on School Road

If you would be interested in rekindling the Neighbourhood Watch group in Great Alne then please get in touch with the Parish Clerk.


Great Alne has a Film Club with screenings usually on the third Thursday of the month at 7.30pm.

For other information about what's going on at the Memorial Hall please click here for further details.


    • The Sales & Marketing Suite is now open five days a week Thursday- Monday 10am-5pm via the Park Lane access point. There is a scale model of the finished project and residents are encouraged to go and have a look
    • The main building programme is due to commence in early April
    • The Cricket Club have had all issues remedied to their satisfaction by URV regarding the new pavilion and parking space
    • Signage- URV have had plans approved by Stratford District Council following discussions with the Parish Council as to the appropriate size and location


David Kinnersley and his sister Esther Kinnersley, long term residents of the local community and accompanied by Andy Wilkins, Planning Consultant attended the March Parish Council meeting to give an update as to their proposal for housing development on the 17 acre field to the south of School Road. The site had been identified as suitable by Stratford District Council during its Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) exercise, and if the proposal is pursued, David and Esther would like to achieve maximum benefit for and minimum impact on the community of Great Alne and consequently have entered a dialogue with residents and the Parish Council at an early stage. Preliminary meetings have also been held with Great Alne Primary School, as this doorsteps the site, with a view to finding opportunities and options to improve school facilities and those of the community.

Under Stratford District Council's Core Strategy (ie development plan) Great Alne has been given the designation 'Local Service Village' because of the existence of the primary school and public transport together with the size of the settlement. Great Alne scored 6 against the SHLAA criteria and comes in Group 3 with a proposed scale of housing development of 26-50 dwellings.

At this early stage, an initial plan indicates that potentially only part of the 17 acre field in question would be developed and access to the site would be by a road adjacent to the school, although contractor's access may possibly be from Pelham Lane. It was confirmed that it is unlikely that a planning application would be presented in advance of eighteen months- in line with the timetable for completion of the Core Strategy.

Questions were raised by residents about the current inadequate car parking provision at the school, child safety issues, visibility splays, construction traffic access options, and affordable housing provision.
A progress update has been requested at the July Parish Council meeting.


Stratford District Council's Policy Team now accepts that Maudslay Park is an integral part of the settlement of Great Alne, providing a sustainable part of the infrastructure of the village in the form of a shop, medical centre and recreational facilities.

The Policy Team is now of the view that Maudslay Park will be counted as Great Alne's housing requirement for the purpose of the Core Strategy.


The Parish Council remains in discussion with Phil Ward, Rural Housing Enabler at Warwickshire Community Council about affordable housing in the village. Phil has recently undertaken a Local Market Housing Needs Survey on behalf of the Parish Council. The report was discussed at the May Parish Council meeting and the Parish Council supported the recommendation to approach the landowners and carry out a financial feasability study for sites 1 & 2.

A plan of potential sites which have been considered for a small development of affordable housing in the village can be downloaded from the right of the page.


The Parish Council approved a small budget to assist with an action plan to improve the condition of this E-road. A barrier has been erected approximately 1m from the edge of the green lane and close to the scrub on the left hand side from Coughton Fields Lane up to the open field. Thick posts/tree trunks have been set into the ground by digging holes and using a post rammer. Materials were provided by Heart of England Forest Ltd. Very sadly and frustratingly two of the posts have already been uprooted.


Directly ahead of the November Parish Council meeting, the councillors present met with David Bliss, Dorsington Farm Estates (Felix Dennis) and Keil McConville, an architect from Baumschlager-Eberle (BE), the winners of a competition to design a new reception building for the Green Burial Site. The competition has been endorsed by RIBA and determined by a panel chaired by its president. Mr McConville presented information about his firm's winning innovative design. BE were interested in this project as they felt they could offer a positive contribution in terms of sustainability- both contextually and socially- integrating a “larger than building response" and a “sense of place". The Reception building, called ‘Floating Trees', will occupy less floor space and will be lower in height than the existing property. The roof comprises a photovoltaic membrane which will generate heat for both water and heating in three ‘pods' containing a café, office and reception area. For a brief view of this winning design please copy and paste this link

The Chair recommended that the project leaders engaged in letter box communication with residents in the locality and perhaps could consider offering an information Q & A presentation. The proposed plans are on the Parish Council website. A formal planning application for the redesigned Reception building will be submitted shortly.


Stratford District Council have now added the following items to their kerbside recycling collection service:

  • Small household electrical and electronic equipment eg kettles, calculators, mobile phones & chargers, cameras, clocks
  • Textiles eg clothes, sheets, curtains, towels
  • Household batteries

All items must fit into a carrier bag- simply put the items in separate carrier bags, tie them up and place them alongside (not in) either bin on any normal collection day.

For more information please contact 01789 260616 or visit


Sarah Brooke- Taylor reports: “We've had a very exciting start to the year and have three lots of news to share.

Firstly, we decided that ‘Warwickshire Community Oil & LPG Syndicate' had become rather a mouthful- so have changed this to Energy Warwickshire with a dedicated website at Anyone who is interested in cheaper oil can now both sign up and place an order at their own convenience.

Secondly, thanks to the syndicate we have been able to reduce the price of bulk LPG from an already low 43pence per litre to just 41pence per litre with a £100 fuel discount for new domestic members. People power works!

And lastly, when did you last pay less for your oil in the winter than in the summer? Well, that's what our members have achieved over the last couple of months, paying just 51.95ppl in March and less than 50ppl in April. We don't think we shall ever get to grips with how the pricing works but so long as it works in favour of our members we'll not be too worried. Over the last 12 months our members have saved an average of over £52 per 1000 litres against the average market price and a whopping £142 against the market high. How does your oil supplier measure up? “

Email or call Sarah Brooke-Taylor on 01789 842182.


The CSW Broadband project has now released a new map and the first rolling 12-month plan on the project website. The map shows current and future areas for survey, whilst the 12-month plan shows cabinets that are due for upgrade in phase one of the project, and exchange areas for the following three phases. The team are working hard to escalate the rollout so that even more areas can be connected to superfast broadband in the coming months. Both the map and the plan will be updated regularly to reflect the latest position as this is a rapidly moving project. In the meantime, the project team is looking forward to announcing the first cabinets to go live over the next few weeks.

Work is also progressing on bringing additional funding to the project, with an application due to be submitted to government in June for funds to extend the rollout to cover 95% of Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire premises by 2017. It is recognised that the current project is a stepping stone to the EU targets for 2020 of all Europeans having access to broadband above 30 Mbps (which is above the current upper threshold) and 50% connected to and using 100 Mbps.

For more info see


Please let the Parish Council know of any local issue that is causing you concern. You can use the Contact Us form in the Information section of this website, or ring the Parish Clerk on 07833 790375 or alternatively email

If you have something you would like to report to Stratford District Council you can do this using their on-line forms. Anything from abandoned vehicles, unruly dogs to fly tipping can be reported, just click on the link on the right of this page (External Links).


Each month a Community Newsletter is produced by the Alcester South Safer Neighbourhood Team that includes details of crime in the area (including Great Alne) and an incident overview. Please see the website for further details and a contact list for the team.

DIAL A RIDE- Important changes to the Community Links service

The Community Links scheme operates a 'dial a ride' service to residents of Great Alne. Please note that from Monday 7 April 2014 the Community Links service will operate on a zoned basis. Users from different parts of Stratford District will be able to use the service on specific days of the week. Many long-term users will remember that this was the basis of the service when it first started.

Residents of the West Zone, including Alcester (Great Alne), Bidford, Studley and Tanworth-in-Arden will be able to use the service on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from approximately 9.15am- 2.30pm.

Please contact Charles Barlow at VASA on 01789 262889 for further information about the changes.

The service is available to people of all ages where conventional public transport is unavailable or very limited, and for people with mobility difficulties. The cost of the service is £1.50 per single journey and people need to contact Community Links on 01789 264491 in advance to make a booking.


The Community Forums are an advisory body, which act as a key vehicle for the community engagement within the locality. Members of the public can raise issues of concern and wherever possible, together with relevant agencies, solutions to those concerns can be worked out. The date of the next forum meeting will be advertised here when available.

If you would like to suggest an issue for a future Community Forum meeting, or get involved, please contact Warwickshire County Council Stratford Area Office on 01789 290784 or email:


Regularly the Parish Council endevours to compile a newsletter containing relevant and up to date information about events and issues within the parish. It is the intention of the Parish Council that every home within the parish boundary receives a copy of this newsletter, however, things can go wrong and if you have not been receiving your newsletter then please let us know, or download a copy from the list on the right hand side of the page. If you would like to receive the newsletter by email then please let us know by contacting

If you wish to suggest material to be included in the newsletter then please feel free to contact the Clerk, or make your suggestion known at the next Parish Council meeting - a full list of meeting dates can be found on the home page.

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